World Telecoms Financial Benchmarks


World Telecoms Financial Benchmarks (WTFB) is a new service tracking detailed financial and operational  KPIs for 40 of the largest global operators – covering mobile, fixed and mobile & fixed businesses.

The service is delivered in three core components which enable you to track key operator metrics, benchmark and assess performance and display findings in comprehensive charts.

A subscription to WTFB includes 3 core deliverables:

Interim Report
Updated within 48 hours of each operators quarterly financial reporting, the interim report brings together in-depth operational and financial data from 40 operators worldwide. Delivered in convenient XLS format the interim report includes:

  • A financial reporting calendar enabling you to plan for updates
  • A weekly email alerting you to operator reporting
  • Normalized operator-specific templates that include: consolidated income statement, consolidated balance sheet, consolidated statement of cash flow and share related data
  • Operating KPIs at the group level or RGU splits and detailed decomposition of revenue, OPEX and CAPEX.

Financial Analysis Report
Updated quarterly, the financial analysis report provides selected financial ratios related to the structure of financial statements, year-on-year growth rates and financial ratio analysis.

The report  includes a section addressing the structure of financial statements enabling you to identify the major changes in the selected line items whilst removing the size bias from the analysis.

The report also focusses on areas including operational efficiency, return on capital, leverage and solvency and fund management and more. Advanced charting capability enables for a peer as well as an industry average comparison.

Operator Scorecard
Updated quarterly, the operator scorecard provides an operator ranking based on selected operational and financial metrics at the group level. The metrics are equally weighted and include:

  • Yoy total subscriptions growth
  • Yoy postpaid subscriptions growth
  • Market leadership
  • Yoy revenue growth
  • EBITDA margin
  • Return on invested capital
  • Fixed asset turnover
  • Operating free cash flow to sales.


WTFB Core Components:


Why choose WTFB?


  • A unique combination of financial datasets and a comprehensive financial analysis and ranking.
    Monitor the comparative financial performance of 40 operators in a robust template using reported data from consolidated financial statements.
  • A complete view on the telecoms industry.
    Build a complete view of the telecoms industry using operator financial and macroeconomic data from related countries.
  • Robust, clearly specified methodologies and estimation techniques.
    Get a transparent view on actual operator figures and the assumptions used to estimate missing data points. WTFB includes a list of formulas underlying the financial ratios with a clear definition.


WTFB is designed for:


  • Power your analysis and decision making with reliable financial data
  • Analyse the financial performance of your competitors
  • View and download detailed pre-built operator profiles
  • Evaluate the performance of the telecoms industry.

Financial institutions and the investment community

  • Access an independent analysis of the industry and operator performance
  • Search for possible investment targets
  • Review the comparative strengths and weaknesses of operators.

Other members of the telecoms ecosystem

  • Evaluate operator investment opportunities
  • Asses the spending power of your customers
  • Analyse the financial health of your investments.



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