Staying Competitive and Ensuring Effective Monetization of TV


TV is big business. Between them, pay TV and TV advertising generate global revenues in excess of US$350 billion per year.  But digital-TV platform operators and broadcasters are having to adapt to rapid change in the television landscape.  New types of TV and video services have emerged and continue to evolve.

The key for traditional TV players is to adopt and exploit these new technologies where they are complementary to core businesses and successfully challenge them where they are a threat.

Remaining competitive is more crucial than ever, in an over-the-top (OTT)-video era where rival businesses are exploiting the open Internet’s increasing viability as a television-distribution platform.

The delivery of content via the Internet and mobile networks, and to an increasing number of connected devices, means that business models are evolving too, with the fragmentation of audiences directing more companies to look to pay models to supplement advertising revenues.


We help TV companies to:

  1. Keep up to date with new technological developments, such as UHDTV, and the potential new business opportunities these present
  2. Evolve their business models to monetize the distribution of their content on new platforms and devices
  3. Learn how the connected device landscape will develop, and which will be the key manufacturers to partner with
  4. Understand trends in the non-linear delivery of TV content, such as VOD and catch-up TV
  5. Track changes in the advertising market, at both global and local level
  6. Identify opportunities for creating closer synergies between the different divisions of their business
  7. Assess evolutions in the value chain and the new partnership opportunities between content providers, distribution platforms and network operators
  8. Monitor regulatory developments in key markets and analyze their importance
  9. Assess the expected growth trends by market and region using our detailed and comprehensive five-year global forecasts
  10. Identify investment opportunities in new geographical markets


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Key services:

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World Broadband Information Service is an online database of broadband, fixed-line telephony and multichannel TV subscriber numbers and broadband forecasts to 2016. The service combines intelligently sourced data from the leading telecoms industry players with reliable robust  forecasts. Find out more…


WTVIS (World TV Service)is a new multiscreen market tracking and forecasting service from Informa Telecoms & Media the market’s leading research and insight provider. Available via annual subscription, the service enables you to track, profile and compare an unrivalled number of TV, device, content and broadband markets. Find out more…