Mark Newman, Chief Research Officer

2013 Research Agenda

We have grouped our research topics for 2013 into six overarching themes which, we believe, will shape telecoms and media markets over the next year:

- A more profitable Internet

- Telco redux

- Beyond BRICs

- Innovate or stagnate

- Customer economics

- Four screens, one vision

Within each of these themes, we have identified six issues around which we will be putting together detailed research programs. This means producing both quantitative and qualitative research and a series of conclusions and recommendations to help you respond to the threats and opportunities that they present.

One of the ways in which we endeavor to stand out in the market is by providing detailed country-by-country insights rather than merely covering issues from a global perspective. We now have 13 research offices worldwide and nearly half of our team of 64 dedicated telecoms and media analysts is focused on covering a country or group of countries. An idea for a research stream is as likely to come out of Sao Paolo or Beijing as it is from London or San Francisco. When we undertake a research program, our aim is always to find examples of best (and worst) practice from around the world and to collect granular data on which to base our findings.


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