Advising an industry in transformation

We provide the services and support required to make better business decisions in the increasingly complex, competitive global telecoms and media markets.

Our aim is to be accessible, responsive and connected, both to the markets we serve and our clients’ business goals. Our research programmes combine local market insight with sector-based analysis for a complete, integrated view.

Whether your focus is product marketing, product development, strategic planning or forecasting, we can help you make better decisions with confidence.


What we do

Our expertise is founded on:

Detailed market data. Our research expertise is built on the in-house collection, validation and analysis of primary data. Our dedicated forecasting team track and forecast new and established datasets using proven, robust methodologies.

Quality control is vigorously applied to all market data, normalising the numbers to remove the potential for spin or inflation. We combine our implicit knowledge of market dynamics with the quantitive market data to ensure a complete view


Robust forecasting. We believe that forecasts should be prepared as part of a collaborative, integrated process involving both quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Our dedicated forecasting team collaborate closely with our analysts in designing the data models and market analysis which support our market leading 5-year forecasts.


Expert analysis. We think it’s crucial our clients benefit from a mix of topic and local market expertise – that’s why we have 65 analysts in nine research offices across every continent, all experts in the collection, interpretation and analysis of primary data.

This regional approach is supported  with analyst teams focused on: mobile and broadband devices and services;  digital media, television  and the Internet;  telecoms networks; and operator strategies.


We help:


  1. Operators & Service Providers
  2. Hardware & Software Vendors
  3. Handset & Device Manufacturers
  4. Digital Media Companies
  5. TV Companies
  6. Banks Regulators & Government


Our approach