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Broadband and the Internet are changing the outlook for both fixed and mobile telecoms operators. Faced with massive growth in traffic, operators need to invest in new networks and technologies. But for many of them, particularly those that operate in mature markets, revenue growth has slowed sharply which makes it difficult to justify higher network spend.

For many years now, operators have sought to develop new services and revenue streams. But they have had limited success beyond selling basic data access and messaging. In the meantime, smartphones and applications provided by OTT players have exploded onto the market.

Operators are trying to work out what their place is in this new services ecosystem and whether by partnering with third parties they can forge a new role. Embedding cellular connectivity in consumer and enterprise devices is an area which holds rich promise but is more of a medium-to-long term revenue driver.


We help operators to:


  1. Decide what role to play in the new services-based ecosystem and how to move to a smart pipe business model
  2. Assess the most effective pricing models to remain competitive while at the same time managing traffic levels at peak times
  3. Decide when and how quickly to invest in new network technologies
  4. Develop successful wholesale and MVNO strategies in both consumer and enterprise markets
  5. Decide on the most effective network strategies for managing traffic growth – from optimization to local caching and CDNs and offload to femtocells and Wi-Fi
  6. Develop a strategy for building new lines of business across different enterprise vertical sectors
  7. Understand the benefits of cloud computing to their businesses and their customers
  8. Identify different partnerships across their networks, devices, consumer and enterprise businesses
  9. Assess the potential of new services and technologies using our in-depth five-year global forecasts
  10. Track the growth of telecoms markets globally and identify those countries and regions which offer most growth potential.


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