Managing Network Economics: How to handle the capacity crunch

The Capacity CrunchOver the last few years, we have seen an explosion in the growth of mobile data traffic due to significant improvements in user experience. This increased demand for bandwidth has placed network economics firmly on the industry agenda as operators deliberate over when, where and how to deploy cost effective solutions to optimize the use of their scarce resources.

At Informa, we have developed our own independent Network Economics Tool (NET) to help companies assess the impact of the vast array of different network solutions available. From when to launch LTE to where to add carriers and optimize traffic, the tool helps decision makers answer these and many other important questions by providing detailed technical and financial information delivered in a tailored, easy to use way.

We can help you answer business critical questions, including:

  • What is the most cost-effective solution for meeting future traffic demand?
  • When should we deploy LTE?
  • What savings will different upgrades bring?
  • Where should we deploy network resources?
  • How will the demand for tablets affect investment?
  • Will Wi-Fi offload save us money?
  • What savings can traffic optimization bring?

Why choose us?

NET provides invaluable independent analysis: Informa’s team of analysts have used NET to advise customers on a variety of network investment options ranging from LTE rollout, WiFi offload and satellite backhaul. We believe that the independent analysis that this service provides is invaluable to decision-makers tasked with multi-million dollar investment choices.

NET offers unique functionality built on our research and forecasting expertise: NET uses our scenario-based traffic forecasting model to help you assess future network requirements and includes access to over 40 country profiles.

NET was built in close consultation with C-level executives from major operators and vendors. NET was designed to match the needs and business processes of our clients. Our service can help you profile your network, your customers network and validate your existing methodologies.

“…The NET tool provided us with important mobile operator information that was instrumental for our product and business development strategy. The comprehensive information helped us develop a global strategy while providing the depth to adjust the approach for regional differences. The team at Informa was also very responsive to our individual needs.”

David Burr, Director of Product Development, O3b Networks.

Services we offer


Take advantage of Informa’s industry expertise to increase your knowledge in network deployment issues and how to cost-effectively handle the capacity crunch.

Our half-day strategic workshop includes:

  • Current market trends
  • Demonstration of NET
  • Sample case studies

Bespoke Analysis

Informa can perform analysis with your own inputs and requirements, in order to provide specific recommendations.

Bespoke analysis includes:

  • The customer provides key inputs for the tool
  • The scope of analysis and key deliverables are agreed
  • Informa performs the analysis and presents the results back to you

What we can model…

  • Any device type and traffic profile
  • Any country and market
  • Different geotypes: Dense Urban, Urban, Suburban and Rural
  • Any network technology including GPRS, WCDMA, HSPA and LTE
  • A variety of backhaul technologies, including microwave and fiber
  • A variety of financial metrics, including TCO, capex/opex, NPV and DCF

Example Output:

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