Informa’s “Mobile Consumer” survey sought to explore how people are using their smartphones.
The analysis of the survey findings includes smartphone demographics, penetration, buying behavior, loyalty and customer care.

“Smartphone users are generating an average ARPU that is 32% higher than the non-smartphone ARPU. Although the iPhone is generating a higher ARPU on average, the gap with other brands’ devices varies in each consumer segment. This trend means that operators must take a more segmented approach to optimize smartphone profitability.”

Julio Püschel, Principal Analyst, Informa Telecoms & Media

Smartphones are generating a number of new business opportunities for telecoms operators. However, the users of these devices do not form a single customer segment and it is important to understand their different behavior to optimize this revenue opportunity. Smartphones have a significant presence in all the different age segments in the UK; although the 35-44 age segment is the biggest, the young professionals segment is quite considerable too.

Operators are successfully encouraging the take-up of smartphones without losing their overall market share. The lack of differentiation in device portfolios, heavy subsidy strategies and a similarity in plans and offers are making it less attractive for customers to change their provider.

What is the brand of your main mobile phone? by age (UK)

In order to be successful, operators and retailers need to go beyond market penetration information and get a more in-depth understanding about how people are adopting and using these devices. This will shape how the market evolves and creates profitable smartphone strategies.

What are the main reasons for you to contact your main operator customer support?

Informa surveyed more than 5,600 respondents across four countries (UK, Spain, Germany and Netherlands) using questions that specifically looked at adoption and usage behavior. The survey results provide relevant analysis and recommendations about the smartphone market in these four countries to different players in this business chain.

Some examples of the information you will find are the smartphone brands’ market share by age group and reasons to contact the operator by smartphone brand, plus much more analysis of smartphone adoption and usage.

How will this research help you:

  • Support operators’ smartphone strategy
  • Identify the smartphone segment that is most challenging and the one with the most potential
  • Compare smartphone and non-smartphone users’ behavior
  • Understand the main device brands and operators in terms of adoption, loyalty, customer care and ARPU
  • Highlight what services smartphone owners are using and how frequently


The online survey was conducted in May 2012 with mobile users, via a structured questionnaire with approximately 25 multiple-choice questions.
The sample was based on national quotas for gender and age in order to get total market representation. A bigger smartphone user sample was used to provide enough cases to perform analysis on specific sub-segments.

Sample of 5,614 respondents:

UK: 2,001

  • Smartphone users: 1 ,400
  • Non-smartphone users: 601

Spain: 1,207

  • Smartphone users: 847
  • Non-smartphone users: 360

Germany: 1,204

  • Smartphone users: 841
  • Non-smartphone users: 363

Netherlands: 1,202

  • Smartphone users: 841
  • Non-smartphone users: 361

This primary research survey includes:

  • PowerPoint file with main findings, analysis and conclusions
  • Raw database with all responses
  • 1 hour presentation via conference call
  • 3 analyst hours to address specific questions on the survey

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