In today’s complex, changing telecoms and media markets it has never been more difficult to find reliable market and forecasts data to help shape and validate strategic initiatives and decision-making.

Take, for example, the growth in connectivity. In the old world you could count broadband connections per household (or business) and mobile connections per person. But we are now moving to a world of connected devices rather than connected people and households. Fixed-broadband connections come in a variety of different speeds and access technologies. Mobile connections are divided into smartphone and non-smartphone subscriptions and we are now in an age of multi-SIM usage and ownership. Then there are connected laptops, tablet computers and, in the future, a whole host of consumer electronics and industrial devices.

Informa Telecoms & Media provides you with data for all these different networks and devices and on a worldwide basis.

Of course, it’s not just about connectivity. Data on usage, revenues, networks and devices is just as important. We produce primary data on a whole range of different metrics. Our analysts, many of whom are based in-region, go straight to the original source to generate this data. We don’t believe in outsourcing such important information because it often needs to be validated and filtered before it gets to our customers.

And when it comes to our market forecasting, Informa Telecoms & Media believes in an integrated approach with our 65+ country and topic analysts working with a centralised team of forecasters who maintain and develop methodologies and models that sit across the telecoms and media landscape


Our market sizing & benchmarking deliverables include:


Market Data

We track the most comprehensive set of country and operator metrics available including subscriptions, market share and penetration and an advanced set of financial and operational KPIs across mobile, fixed- line and multichannel TV markets.

Comprehensive network metrics include deployments, suppliers and features.Our numbers are rigorously verified; our numerical output supports the core strategic and operational functions of our clients.



5-Year Forecasts

Our 5-year subscriber, device, content & services and network traffic forecasts set the industry standard for their consistency, accuracy and ease of use.

Our forecasts are produced via the collaboration of our 5-strong forecast team and 65 country and topic facing analysts. This integrated approach ensures our robust methodologies and models are informed by deep qualitative understanding.




Country Updates

Our country research offers unrivalled granularity. We have a  dedicated team of in-house analysts focused on the local dynamics of every country market.

Country Updates provide a regular snapshot of mobile, fixed-broadband and TV market developments.  Designed to quickly inform your planning, they are delivered in PowerPoint for ease of use.





Country Updates include:

  • Competitive landscape. A quantitative understanding of the position of leading providers, socioeconomic conditions and technology penetration
  • Market developments. Analysis of strategic developments including M&A, contract awards and regulatory moves
  • Products, services and promotions. Details of new service deployments, customer promotions and pricing
  • Key forecasts and Informa’s viewpoint. 5-Year subscription and market share forecasts and our view on opportunities and likely developments.