As consumers become increasingly connected to the Internet, using a range of new devices, the rise of digital media is set to continue, with spending by both advertisers and consumers on digital content and services growing rapidly in markets across the globe.

There are significant opportunities for digital media companies to benefit from this growth, but significant challenges remain too. How can companies determine which markets offer the best prospects? What is the best way to deliver digital content to consumers across different networks and to multiple devices? What kinds of partnerships and collaborations should digital media companies look to develop? How can digital media companies and telecoms providers help each other? What revenue models are emerging that will allow companies to monetize their content more effectively?

Informa Telecoms & Media works closely with many of the world’s leading digital media companies, helping them to succeed by providing them with actionable insights based on the most comprehensive set of market data available.


We help digital media companies to:


  1. Track key digital media markets worldwide
  2. Understand connected consumers
  3. Map the evolving competitive landscape
  4. Identify new revenue opportunities
  5. Define best practice and service excellence
  6. Drive innovation and transformation
  7. Exploit telecoms, media and IT convergence


Recent Research:

  1. Internet Innovation: Navigating the future of online content delivery
  2. Innovation of Applications: Augmented reality shifts to mainstream
  3. Smart TV devices in 2017: Smart rebranding of connected devices slows ubiquity
  4. Facebook to earn US$1 billion and take 10% of global mobile ad revenues in 2013
  5. TV in Africa: Digital-switchover dreams and multiscreen realities

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Key services:

Intelligence Centre is the single central source of all of our advisory analysis, primary research, market data and forecasts. The service enables you to quickly locate and share structured research on your business issues and markets. Find out more…


World Cellular Information Service is core to the strategic workflow of many leading players in the mobile space. These organisations use WCIS to track and forecast global mobile subscriptions, KPIs, financial and operational indicators via an intelligent online interface. Find out more…


World Broadband Information Service is an online database of broadband, fixed-line telephony and multichannel TV subscriber numbers and broadband forecasts to 2016. The service combines intelligently sourced data from the leading telecoms industry players with reliable robust  forecasts. Find out more…


WTVIS (World TV Service)is a new multiscreen market tracking and forecasting service from Informa Telecoms & Media the market’s leading research and insight provider. Available via annual subscription, the service enables you to track, profile and compare an unrivalled number of TV, device, content and broadband markets. Find out more…