Understand your customers, react to your competitors


Our company insight can help you maintain or obtain competitive advantage and track the business drivers and opinions of your customers.

We have a dedicated team of analysts focused on tracking the strategies, services and deployments of hundreds of players across telecoms and media value chains.

Whether you are looking to track operators and service providers, TV companies, or device, software and network vendors, we can provide the tools and insight to inform and make better decisions with confidence.


Use customer insight to:

  • Segment your customers, analyse their performance and market share
  • Develop innovative new products and market them more successfully
  • Identify your customers’ business drivers and better understand adoption criteria and pain points.
  • Spot trends in demand and buyer interest.

Use  competitor insight to:

  • Dissect the offerings, strategies, practices and business models of your competitors
  • Position and compete more effectively against your competition
  • Pinpoint your competitive advantages


Our customer and competitor tracking deliverable includes:


Case Studies

Our case studies deliver detailed, timely insight into the technology and service deployments of operators and service providers. Our network of in-market analysts ensures that our analysis is supported by local understanding.

Case studies feature a qualitative assessment of strategy, value chain and market positioning in addition to a quantitative assesment on success, including competitor benchmarking.

Each Case study includes a SWOT analysis and directional comment with key learnings and likely development.



Company Updates

Company updates provide a regular analytical snapshot of leading players across mobile, fixed-broadband and TV markets. Designed to quickly inform your planning, they are delivered in PowerPoint for ease of use.

Company updates include a quantitative understanding of operational and financial performance, assessment of local market conditions, market share and regulatory environment, key market and operational initiatives and product and pricing developments.

A SWOT analysis and directional comment details key learnings and likely developments.


Conference Papers

We organise  100+ market leading annual events including LTE World Series, Com World Series and IPTV World Forum. Our core services include exclusive access to the PowerPoint presentations delivered at all of these events.

These presentations provide unique insight into the strategies, positioning and plans of your competitors and customers.