The telecoms sector is undergoing a quiet revolution from narrowband to broadband communications, from fixed to wireless connectivity and with the emergence of new smart devices to connect people and objects to the Internet.

Tracking these ever-changing industry dynamics can be challenging. New players are emerging, established companies are transitioning and new ecosystems are arising. Mature markets are the first to witness this shift from old telecoms business models to new Internet-based economics.

The challenge for governments and regulators is to adopt policies and strategies flexible enough to enable their economies to benefit from these new services while at the same time ensuring the widespread deployment of infrastructure to support them. Meanwhile, financial institutions need robust data, forecasts and strategic insight to ensure that they understand what impact these profound changes will have on the companies and markets that they serve.


We help banks, regulators and government to:


  1. Gain access to detailed operational and financial metrics of operators, service providers and vendors worldwide in an interactive, flexible database
  2. Benchmark the performance of companies and countries round the world
  3. Forecast the growth in terms of the usage and revenues of different telecommunications and entertainment services
  4. Gain understanding of new services that are becoming available over the Internet and what impact they will have on existing firms and business models
  5. Secure detailed insight and understanding into next-generation network technologies
  6. Learn from the best practice in technology deployment, new service launches, business models, efficiency gains and marketing and retail strategies through case studies and strategic analysis
  7. Understand when new devices and services will become available, what their impact will be and what policies are needed to foster their growth


Recent Research:

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  4. Global, fixed- and mobile-broadband subscription forecasts, 2012-2017
  5. Global support systems and managed network contracts, end-1Q13
  6. World Telecoms Financial Benchmarks – Operator Scorecard
  7. Global Handset Financing and Leasing Schemes
  8. Global TV household numbers, 2005-2017

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Key Services

Intelligence Centre is the single central source of all of our advisory analysis, primary research, market data and forecasts. The service enables you to quickly locate and share structured research on your business issues and markets. Find out more…


World Cellular Information Service is core to the strategic workflow of many leading players in the mobile space. These organisations use WCIS to track and forecast global mobile subscriptions, KPIs, financial and operational indicators via an intelligent online interface. Find out more…


World Broadband Information Service is an online database of broadband, fixed-line telephony and multichannel TV subscriber numbers and broadband forecasts to 2016. The service combines intelligently sourced data from the leading telecoms industry players with reliable robust  forecasts. Find out more…


World Telecoms Financial Benchmarks (WTFB) is a new service tracking detailed financial and operational KPIs for 40 of the largest global operators – covering mobile, fixed and mobile & fixed businesses. The service is delivered in three core components which enable you to track key operator metrics, benchmark and assess performance and display findings in comprehensive charts. Find out more…